Multi-sided Due Diligence Platform

We leverage modern business models and web3 technology to revolutionize due diligence

In our platform we bring companies, certifiers/accreditors, regulators, NGO's, branche representatives together to deliver an digital infrastructure of trust.

In the sections below we describe how we achieve this.

Open Source Due Diligence

Normally a company should perform due diligence on all its suppliers. If a supplier has many customers, each of these customers will have to spend time and money to perform due diligence.

We leverage platform business models to share due diligence and significantly reduce cost of doing business. We assure the integrity of this due diligence through digital sign-offs by accredited certifiers recorded in a blockchain.

We turn due diligence on its head. Access to due diligence is normally very expensive. However, we make due diligence available for all registered users, making due diligence affordable for companies of all sizes.

Clear Requirements

We gather requirements with sector / branche representatives and make them transparently available for all companies, where we distinguish requirement for small / middle and large companies.

Companies can review requirements in other jurisdictions and/or sectors if they consider expanding their business.

We track new requirements raised by updated legislation or changing standards in the industry.

Single Source

Due diligence data is located in many different sources and in disparate formats, often not up to date. Compiling and reporting this information is a time-consuming task.

We look at all categories of compliance and bring this together in one consistent report. We consider the following due diligence categories:

  • Identity: are your business partners who they say there are? Is criminal money, corruption or internationally sanctioned owner involved?
  • ESG: Environment Society Governance: do you and your supply chain comply with standards regarding labour laws and protection of the environment?
  • Financial: Are your business partners financially sound?
  • IT: Do your business partners comply with IT standards? Are you at risk of a data breach or hack?
  • Delivery: What is the delivery reputation in terms of time, quality and budget?
  • Sector Competence: Do your business partners have the required sector competences (e.g. to produce medical equipment / ISO standards)?

Fully Digital

The current certification process is still largely paper based, including signatures.

We apply modern digital certificate technology. Using existing digital certificate protocols, we implement chained certification sign-off using public/private keys, and hashing certificates with their signatures and store the result in a blockchain for immutability, transparency and open access.

Value Chain Transparency

Due to a unique database design we can handle endlessly deep and nested supply- and customer chains.

We not only provide insights into the supply chain, but also the customer chain. New EU regulation requires full value chain reporting. We are fully ready to handle any value chain reporting requests.

Through our unique system, we can flag potential risks and single point of failures in your supply chain. This allows you to build more robust supply chain systems, which makes your business more resilient to global disruptive events.

Zero Knowledge Proof

Supply chains are often carefully built and nurtured over many years, and for many companies are considered a company secret. How to provide full supply chain transparency without revealing your supply chain configuration, and thereby your company secrets? We have solved this dilemma.

On our platform we apply zero-knowledge proof. This is a mathematical technique that can be used to prove to an observer that something is true, without having to reveal details of its contents. As we use digital certification protocols with the blockchain, this feature is built in. We have a unique way of reporting this information for regular users. For the initiated: we use a type of zero knowledge proof called "Pairing based cryptography".

For more information about Zero Knowledge Proof please see Wikipedia.

Directors Report

Directors have every increasing duties of care regarding sustainability issues, climate change and human rights.

We develop both high level and detailed reports, with potential threats and risks being marked with red flags. A dispute mechanism is in place to comply with UNGP (United Nations General Principles on business and Human Rights).

See United Nation Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights .

Smart AI

As the platform grows, we will be building predictive models to improve risk management models, now and in the future.

As we combine many sources of information, we can anticipate the risks and opportunities of new legislation, political disruptions (e.g. sanctions or supply chain disruptions) and build unique risk profiles for companies, sectors and jurisdictions.